Taking lessons in the privacy of your own home is convenient, easy, fun, and saves on time and gas!  Here is what you will need for online lessons:

A Native American Flute:

Although it goes without saying, you will need a Flute!  If you do not already have a Flute, please contact Stephanie prior to purchasing one, and she can refer you to some reputable flutemakers you can contact, and she will also give you some pointers on how to choose a Flute that is right for you.


Skype is a free download that allows you to chat free via instant message (IM), voice-to-voice with a headset or mic, or using live video with a web cam, with your friends and relatives who also have Skype.  People all around the world are using Skype instead of burning up their cell phone minutes.

Install Skype, add your friends with Skype as contacts, then call, video call or IM with them anywhere in the world for free. You can also call people who aren’t on Skype, at really low rates.

Skype has a FREE download for Windows, Mac, Linux, or Skype Business Version.  You can also get Skype on your mobile phone and on your TV. 

Click here to instantly download Skype to your computer at no charge:




You can find web cams for as low as $5.99 on up.  Here is a selection from Amazon.com:


Check around for the features and price you want.  They are easy to install, and easy to use!

That’s it!  You’re ready to go!



Stephanie Baldridge is not, nor does she claim to be, an enrolled member of any State or Federally-recognized Tribe or Nation.  Any and all references to “Native American Flute” or “Traditional” are made with every respect to the Native American people.

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