Have you always wanted to play an instrument but never thought that you could make wonderful music?  The Native American Flute is one of the oldest, most beautiful, and easiest to play instruments in the world.  Discover the joy and healing power of playing your own heart music.  Let your spirit soar!  Absolutely no previous musical ability or experience is required.

Stephanie regularly teaches in both Hillsboro and Portland, Oregon; online; and also at Flute Quest (www.flutequest.com) in Washington in August. She has a love of helping people to discover their own inner music, become accomplished at improvisation and duets, and explore the healing power of the Native American Flute, in all of its myriad aspects. There are multiple classes and programs available, depending on your needs, from individual, one-time lessons to course series. Stephanie teaches groups and also gives private, one-on-one lessons. The 7-week Beginning class covers flute care; basic breathing; playing techniques and traditional* embellishments; working with rhythm; and how to play duets; while we focus on finding and nurturing your "inner song" -- playing from your heart; and more. The 7-week Intermediate class includes history of the Native American Flute; improvisation; composition and songwriting; alternate scales and cross-fingering; traditional embellishments; how to get out of a rut; rhythmic variations; vibrato; healing and performance issues; and more. Both classes include guidance on how to choose the Native American Flute that is right for you. Advanced classes are tailored to the needs of each individual. Other examples of classes available include, but are not limited to:

Everything you ever wanted to know about Dual Chambered Flutes
Native American Flute and Healing
Working with Rhythm
Solos & Critique
Performance Issues
Working with Poetry, Prose, Storytelling
Rim-blown (Anasazi, etc.) flutes

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Pre-registration and prepayment required
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(between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., PST/PDT)
Contact Stephanie for pricing and details
Or email Stephanie at:  alaria@syrynx.net
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*Stephanie Baldridge is not, nor does she claim to be, an enrolled member of any State or Federally-recognized Tribe or Nation.  Any and all references to “Native American Flute” or “Traditional” are made with every respect to the Native American people.

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