Stephanie has been teaching, playing and performing on the Native American Flute since her studies with Michael Tlayo Quijas in California, in 1996.  She has a Masters in Clinical & Counseling Psychology, researching Healing and the Native American Flute.  Stephanie moved from the Bay Area in Northern California in 2000, where she was a co-founder of the Bay Clan of the Northern California Flute Circle (NCFC,, to Oregon, and became the Co-Chair of Cascadia Flute Circle, which was founded in 1999.  She has been the sole Facilitator of Cascadia Flute Circle (, located in the Portland Metro Area of Oregon, since 2004.  Please visit our website for a wealth of information concerning the Native American Flute, Articles, Links, National Calendar of Annual Flute Events/Festivals, and Cultural information.  Stephanie is also a member of the International Native American Flute Association (INAFA,, and has written numerous articles for both INAFA and the Flute Portal (, regarding the Native American Flute.  Stephanie teaches and performs regularly and has appeared as a guest performer with the First Lady of the Flute, Mary Youngblood, and on a NAMA-nominated CD and DVD.  She has taught at NARA, NW (Native American Rehabilitation Association, NW), a drug and alcohol rehab program for Native Americans of all Tribes and Nations; NAYA (Native American Youth & Family Association); and the Title VII Oregon Indian Education Program in both Hillsboro and Salem, Oregon.  Stephanie also plays the Native American Flute monthly for the Native American Fellowship's Native Services in Portland, Oregon, and is actively involved in fundraising benefits for many charitable and Native American organizations, including promoting concerts with many well-known Native American Flute performers.  If you have questions or comments about any of her Articles, or about Native American Flute Lessons, please don't hesitate to contact her at


Stephanie is also available for group and private lessons, lessons online (, workshops, lectures, performances, weddings, funerals, hospice, convalescence, and church services.


You can contact Stephanie by telephone (503) 846-1755 between the hours of 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. PST/PDT, or by e-mail anytime at, to enquire about lessons and pricing, set up appointments, and make arrangements for payment.


Comments from Students about Stephanie’s Native American Flute classes:

I had no experience when I started getting lessons with my teacher, Stephanie.  I was soon put at ease when I experienced her approach.   She is extremely knowledgeable regarding the playing of the flute and its history.  Stephanie very much honors the Native traditions and demonstrates it by approaching it seriously and with a patience that allowed me to be comfortable.  I currently play the flute for personal and spiritual focus rather than performing.  Being a teacher myself for many years I appreciate fine teaching.  I very much recommend taking her classes.

                                                   -Ron Severson (Lakota)


I highly recommend Stephanie’s Native American Flute lessons.  Her openness and good humored way of teaching is definitely the way to go.  In just a few weeks time I have learned so much and I feel my playing has improved by light years.

                                                           -Pam Lea Calcagno


I got my first flute from my brother and he showed me the basics.  I had no musical background - other than I like to listen to music.  Both my brother and I then joined Cascadia Flute Circle - and would routinely show up and enjoyed playing with the other members.  When I found out that Stephanie gave lessons, I decided to try them out. She's a great teacher, has lots of patience.  She really focuses on embellishments and playing from your heart, and helps you learn how to make your music more entertaining and more alive as a Native American flute teacher.  She's the best there is!

                                                            -Mike Lamothe


I took lessons last year and "WOW!"  What a difference it made in my playing. Now I think more of what I'm doing and where I want to go with the song instead of just letting my fingers walk around the flute. Stephanie is very passionate about the flute and wants everyone with the same passion to do the best they can when playing.  If you want to be a better flute player, or just want to learn "a lot" more about flute music, give Stephanie a try. You won't be sorry!   Frank Lamothe (3 year flute player).

                                                            -Frank Lamothe


When I first heard the Native American flute I was so captivated by its mystery and spirituality.  I wanted someone to teach me how to play.  Stephanie didn't teach me how to play.  She gave me multiple history lessons of many Native American tribes; their daily struggles, their customs, their music and dance.  She has taught me about trees, bark, wood and sustainable methods of collecting materials for flute making.  In her flute lessons I've learned about rhythm and story telling, the four winds, and breath.  And when I put my hands on my very first flute and my fingers over the holes she taught me to feel, to listen to take chances.  There is a heart in each flute and many times when I play I don't feel that Stephanie has taught me how to play; instead she has allowed me to let the flute play me.  It's a beautiful experience.

-Shelley G. Reeder-Lueth

Stephanie is a great teacher.  Before I started class I was developing some bad habits.  Those were quickly corrected.  The classes included techniques, embellishments, getting to know your flute, improvising, playing from the heart, finding music in nature, and playing duets.  I studied music as a kid and it was wonderful to let go of all that theory, scales, sheet music, etc. and to learn to actually play music.

                                                            -FrankO Opila


Stephanie’s Native American Flute classes are awesome!  I felt successful at every step and stood amazed at my every accomplishment in her class sessions.  She taught me valuable lessons in how to maximize my practice in the development of my flute-playing skills.  Subsequently, my playing improved dramatically, and has continued to improve.  She passed on to me an incredibly vast store of experience and knowledge in a way that “empowered” me in playing “from the heart” and “initiated” me into the “spirit” of the flute.  She “unpacked” flute techniques for me in a step-by-step process that made them easy to learn and apply.  She taught me from her own experience and shared the mistakes that she had made.  Her personal tricks for helping me fix problems when I got stuck and how to avoid common mistakes were magic.  She covered all aspects of playing the Native American Flute, including posture, breathing, rhythm, shading, embellishments, improvisation, performing, and much more.  I highly recommend her classes to beginners who are just learning to play the Native American flute or seasoned professionals who desire to enhance their performance skills.  If you want to make the jump to “light speed” in your flute playing practice, this is it.

                                                            -Steven Marshall


My experiences with Stephanie have been wonderful. She is a compassionate teacher. Her lessons come from the heart of the music. I started taking lessons from Stephanie over 7 yrs. ago. She taught me there are no mistakes, only new embellishments. These lessons led me to be a part of Cascadia Flute Circle, which has been a great part of each month.

                                                            -Shadrack Sandvold

Knowing absolutely nothing about music or the Native American flute is inconsequential when you are under Stephanie Baldridge's tutelage.  Her instruction method is concise, yet delivered with humor, which makes learning fun.

Stephanie's passion for all things Native American Flute-related, can't help but rub off on a person.  If you seek knowledge, integrity, and sound advice, you cannot go wrong having Stephanie Baldridge as your instructor!

                                                            -Liliana van Lawick

I bought my first Native American flute 14 years ago at the Portland Saturday Market, and have never been without one since.  I started taking flute lessons from Stephanie in December 2010, and have been amazed at the progress I have made.  I thought I knew how to play, but Her classes have opened my eyes and ears to new ways of seeing, hearing, and playing "Spirit Music".

Thank you for the gift of awareness.
                                                                                            -Jay Reed


Stephanie Baldridge is not, nor does she claim to be, an enrolled member of any State or Federally-recognized Tribe or Nation.  Any and all references to “Native American Flute” or “Traditional” are made with every respect to the Native American people.

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